Kill Your Necromancer Bundle

Kill Your Necromancer Bundle

Pawel Kicman

  • $20.00

Bad news? You died. Sorry.
Even worse news? You’ve been resurrected by a mad necromancer. Why? Does it matter? What’s dead should stay dead. Especially considering the fact that your grave was warm, calm, and bleak - more than anybody could ever wish for these days. 

So now you have to regain your peace. Take it back. To do so, you have to find her. Kill her. Break the spell.

Get your eternal rest back.

Enjoy 32 pages of rotten, foul content.

Play this Mörk Borg supplement as one of four undead: 
- a ghoul, rabid and savage, can’t talk or reason well, but is fierce in combat,
- a skeleton, fragile and skinny, but to balance it out, it's also pretty weak,
- a ghost, can’t interact with the physical world in any capacity… other than magic,
- a zombie, in dire need of brains, preferably fresh brains.

Each offers a unique playstyle and special abilities.

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