Planet Builder

Spicy Tuna RPG

  • $9.99

Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 16
Print Type: B&W

A zine featuring 43 tables to construct areas and detail sandboxes for players and readers to explore! Most tables contain 20 starting points that can work individually or be combined together. Roll a couple of dice and mix and match ideas. Or close your eyes, point randomly on the page, and blurb from there.

Planet Builder Features Tables For the Following:

  • City tables for Details, Available Services, Local Security, Jobs For Hire, + What Needs Done.
  • 2x Threats tables.
  • Faction tables for Political Beliefs, Faction Narratives, Group Secrets, Group Desires, Group Locations, + Recent Political Successes.
  • Planet Detail tables for Names, Atmosphere, Themes and Tones, Worthwhile Aspects, Civilization/Natural Order, + Current State.
  • Terrain tables for Landmarks, Flora, Fauna, + To Discover.
  • Encounter tables for Types, Mood, + Tactical Layout of Encounters.
  • NPC tables for Occupations, Names, Needs, Knowledge, Motivations, Living Places, + Mannerisms.
  • Storyline tables for Starting Points, Who/What is Affected Immediately, Reactions and Procedures, + What is No Longer Available.
  • Satellites and Neighbor tables for Relationships & Tensions, Who Lives There, + Trade Significance.
  • And more!

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