Ptolus: City of Adventure

Ptolus: City of Adventure

Monte Cook Games

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Three standalone scenarios pull you into the city of adventure!

Rumors of a mysterious manuscript scribed by the half-god Ghul himself have been swirling around Delver’s Square. Some seek the manuscript to ensure it is destroyed. A few want it to glorify Ghul. And some believe it holds the key to powerful magics they hope to harness for themselves. The motives are varied, but one thing is certain: the race is on to find the Doctrine of Ghul!

A mysterious ritual offers magical ability to all who want it: nobles, elites, adventurers, and the everyday folk of Ptolus. But what does it have to do with the mysterious sickness spreading through the city, a brewing war among Ptolus’s crime families, and the gloomy demirealm called the Shadow of Ptolus? Perhaps more importantly: who reaps the hidden cost of The Runeblood Blessing?

The Cult of the Ebon Hand has been destroyed, but new echoes of transformative chaos are now leaching into the Guildsman District. Does the appearance of the Reborn, a gang of long-dead criminals now brought back to a twisted form of life, herald the Return of the Ebon Hand?

Ptolus is truly the City of Adventure. These three hefty adventures take you into the city’s streets, the halls of power, and the massive and labyrinthine dungeons belowground. They’re suitable for 5e parties of 5th or 6th level, or Cypher System characters of second or third tier, and can be easily adjusted upward or downward to fit into your campaign!

This 96-page title brings the PDF adventures Doctrine of Ghul, The Runeblood Blessing, and Return of the Ebon Hand into print.

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