Realms of Elghrune: Core Book

Super Blood Moon

  • $30.00

Book Type: Softcover or PDF
Page Count: 140
Print Type: Full Color

🎲 It's the Sixth Age. It’s been four thousand years since the Plague Wars & it’s the dawning of a new era. 
You are a dungeoneer tasked with exploring the wilds and clearing out the millions of miles of dungeons below the planet Elghrune's surface. 

🎲 Realms of Elghrune is a TTRPG with simple mechanics and punishing combat. Take complete control of your character customization with a perk system that allows you to go from kinda pathetic to pretty cool, I guess. Realm Masters have more power than necessary, as if they even needed it. 

🎲 Usually no one ever has enough dice, but in our game you only ever need one - the D20! I mean, we can't really stop you from your packrat tendencies, but we sure as heck don't have to encourage them. 

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