Scattergate Resin Dice Tower with Dice Tray

World of Game Design

  • $49.99

What perils lurk in the sewers below Scattergate tower? Nestled in the central courtyard of this otherwise peaceful village is a tall tower that nobody enters and sentries block the doors. A series of fountains adorn the peaceful village landmark, but why are there sentries posted? Join Doran and Addie as they trigger the nefarious secrets of the insidious tower and cause the destruction of their entire village. Join them as they comb the town for the runic flasks that are needed to stop the lizard-like creatures from emerging from the sewers below. Can you defend the tower?

This is a resin masterpiece that can adorn your gaming table. Serving as a dice tower and simultaneously a piece of tabletop scenery for your miniatures and Dungeons & Dragons games, this dice tower has ramps that tumble your dice down to the dice tray that reveals your rolls.

Enjoy the Dungeon Epics Scattergate Dice Tower!

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