SIS/TR Box Set

Severed Books

  • $28.00

“Brooding with atmosphere, a.i. gone wrong, and a rich tapestry of gore-soaked hallways ringing out with the screams of the damned await you in SIS/TR: A Rare Geometry. If you like your horror Weird, you won’t be disappointed. This thing drips.” Jarrett Crader.

An interactive mini / boss with six sided deployable turrets. Bring it to life in the new book SIS/TR: A Rare Geometry

By Justin Sirois and George Holland. Edited by Jarrett Crader

Content warning. A Rare Geometry has content that people may find disturbing.

50mm SIS/TR Cube
25mm Turret 1 Black with Silver Ink
25mm Turret 2 Gray with Silver Ink
25mm Turret 3 Glow in the Dark with White Ink (Brian Evenson)
25mm Turret 4 Red with White Ink (Sean McCoy)

All cubes are quality etched resin.

Operating Guide - System-Neutral - estimated 16 pages, full color, 5x7 inches.

Box - 2mm thick box gives SIS/TR a fine home.

Tray - black plastic tray is like a comfy couch for SIS/TR and its deadly turrets.

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