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Soul Burner is a stand-alone tabletop roleplaying game for 2-6 players combining the death-metal dark-fantasy flavor and mechanics of MÖRK BORG with the themes of death, compulsion, and faulty memory from the stoner-metal science fantasy game NECRONAUTILUS. In it, heaps of fresh ash and ember gain humanoid form in search of truth and revenge, discovering who they were and who they want to be along their violent way with your creativity and brutality at the helm.

half-letter softcover book printed in Illinois in January 2023.

SOUL BURNER includes:

  • New complete core mechanics for absorbing, channeling, and becoming weapons and intentions through your ashen corpse. You don't need Mork Borg or Necronautilus to play Soul Burner.

  • ASH, a unique player class for the once dead, operating in a brand new way that is familiar but fresh.

  • A gallery of conflagrating creatures to stand in your way.

  • Collections of memories and moments to jump-start your creativity and start you on your vengeful pursuits.

  • The Fate Warden, a feared and hated figure in constant pursuit of those who defy death.

  • Dozens of randomize-able character elements, story hooks, and complications for use with dice or tarot cards to malform your afterlife adventures.

  • Cauter: an arid setting full of sun worship, volcanic activity, boiling subterranean church swamps, and hell fire for your crumbling corpses to explore.

  • The Boiling Blood of God: a complete adventure module for a gang of ashen freaks to traverse the horrible afterlife together.

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