The Glimmering Valley

The Glimmering Valley

Monte Cook Games

  • $44.99

The perfect starting point for discovering the Ninth World!

Nestled in the thick forest of the Glimmering Valley, a few dozen buildings surround an ancient structure and a pair of crystal monoliths. This village of Neandran enjoys a peaceful, agrarian life. The bold or restless might occasionally head into the woods to find the Dreaming Cubes, see the River Ring, or maybe visit the Old Witch in the Infinite Abode—but the distant city of Ketterach, and the wide world beyond it, are little more than rumors carried in by the occasional visitor.

The Ninth World is vast, strange, and intimidating. But big adventures sometimes start small. Launch your Numenera campaign in this vibrant and relatable homeplace, filled with detail and life. Establish relationships and backstory, and ground your game in an immersive world. Then venture out into the Glimmering Valley, and begin to discover the wonders, treasures—and dangers—of the Ninth World. Follow the path of adventure, or explore the region sandbox-style. As your characters grow in capability, players and GM alike are introduced to what makes the Ninth World so unique and compelling.

And when you’re ready, head out of the Glimmering Valley, prepared (as players, GM, and characters) to face the vast, awe-inspiring world of Numenera!

In The Glimmering Valley you’ll find:

  • A richly detailed locale to launch a new campaign, filled with interesting and dynamic NPCs, situations, and locations.
  • A chapter designed specifically for the players, to immerse them in this vibrant setting and help them create characters truly at home in the Ninth World.
  • Loads of adventure to get your campaign off to an exciting start. Follow the plot threads or explore the vast sandbox of the Glimmering Valley.
  • An easy on-ramp into the broader Ninth World, that helps players and GMs discover what makes Numenera such a compelling setting. Fantastic for players who are experiencing Numenera for the first time.
  • Loads of new creatures, cyphers, artifacts, and more!

The Glimmering Valley Player’s Guide is a free PDF filled with information player characters would know about their home. It’s perfect for introducing players to the setting and helping inspire their vision for their characters.

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