Tide World of Mani Patch

Tide World of Mani Patch

Silverarm Press

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Tide World of Mani is a revolution sandbox adventure module for the Mothership 1e Sci Fi Horror RPG

Mani is an ocean world, the only spit of land is the shoals of the Last Atoll, a settlement in the shadow of a crashed colony ship turned palace, ruled with an iron fist by the Land Barons, ancestral lords of the Atoll, the have-nots relegated to floating shanty towns.  It's a tidally locked planet where people live in an eternal sunset, the thin sliver between the dark and the light.

Recently, interstellar megacorp Sharpe Co. established contact with the Barons and scored a deal giving them full extraction rights to Mani’s rich aurora diamond seam. Their funds and resources have reinforced the Land Barons but popular dissent with their rule has only grown. 

Wave Priests cultivate a growing religious schism with the old High Priesthood that seeks to overturn the former order and usher in a zealous new faith to guide a new era on Mani. The Chromefolk roam the seas, cast out from their colony ship and forced to nomadic piracy. 

Mani is poised to blow and you're right in the middle of it. 

Hijack a hover train laden with aurora diamonds. Worship at the undersea grotto. Relax in a corporate beach compound. Rise against authority.  Crush rebellion.  Smuggle weapons. Indulge in coelacanth steak.  Break into a prison of salt. Choose a side or slink your way through the chaos. 

With some stat block surgery,  Tide World of Mani is a great module for your other sci-fi RPG of choice like Stars Without Number or Traveler.

Tide World of Mani is a follow-up to my previous sandbox module Desert Moon of Karth in a similar format. Inspirations include Waterworld, Mad Max, historical revolutions, and modules like A Pound of Flesh.  

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