Weird Dice

Weird Dice

Monte Cook Games

  • $19.99

These funky silicone dice, from the amazing craftspeople at FanRoll Games, are beautiful, sharp-edged, just a little bit bouncy—and definitely weird. They feel great in the hand, and roll wonderfully. They’re not like any dice you’ve ever seen: a great addition to your collection and maybe your new favorite dice!

The d20 is marked with a weird W on the 20 face and “OOPS” for the 1. The 17, 18. and 19 faces are marked to indicate special Cypher System results. The other dice include a d4, d6, d8, d12, and d%—it’s a full polyhedral set, making it great for Cypher System games and most other RPGs.

It’s hard to appreciate how cool these dice are until you hold and roll them yourself. You’ll be astonished!