WWI Trench AdventureHex Resin RPG Gaming Tile #1

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A small chirp pierced the dawning light that gently crept between narrow slits formed from two sandbags that lined up like a mortar sight before Sergeant Nelson’s view.  His eyes were only half open, as it was a long night, but he pried them open to witness this small miracle amid the fetid stench of the trench.  “I’ll be damned,” he muttered as he gazed in wonder at this tiny finch that had lit upon the stained wood planks that were plastered into the firestep, knee-height from where he was leaning along the revetment.  Private Kenton pried his eyes open at the same time or thereabouts, struck by the very same wonder of the quiet moment.  Clutching his spyglass in his left hand, he stood up, stretched his stiff legs while rubbing his ass with some pain, and inexplicably reached out as if the bird would await its own capture.  Naturally it flew off with a flourish of its wings... the moment cut short as a snapping sound cut through the still morning air.  Pvt Kenton stood in shock, just for a moment, as blood spurted out the back of his head, and he fell, lifeless, in a crumple to the side.

This is a single, unpainted, resin AdventureHex tile that can be used for scenery in your World War I trench warfare campaigns.  Comes with "The Trench #1" adventure hook and a printed 2D tile for simplified tabletop play when the resin tiles don't make sense.  Add it to your collection of AdventureHex tiles and extend your World War Epics collection!

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