ZWEIHANDER Fantasy Horror RPG: Session Zero

ZWEIHANDER Fantasy Horror RPG: Session Zero

World of Game Design

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Begin your journey with Session Zero, an introductory series for ZWEIHANDER Fantasy Horror RPG! This includes all the rules you need to play ZWEIHANDER. This download includes:

  • 105-page Session Zero PDF
  • 13 Character Profession Folios
  • 72 Clue, Injury, and Spell cards

We have instituted a new taxonomy for digital title names. For purposes of determining what the correct PDFs to use are, reference the following:

  • v2.0 (May 5) - Updated Session Zero Release!
  • v1.3 (Oct 20) - character sheets updated and optimized
  • v1.2 (Feb 20) - the Chosen profession now included, minor errata
  • v1.1 (Feb 14) - release