Zweihander RPG: Main Gauche

Zweihander RPG: Main Gauche

World of Game Design

  • $49.99

Enter A Whole New Realm Of Chaos

Using alchemy and dark Wytch-Science, MAIN GAUCHE brings players into a world of daemons and shadows. This supplement extends the core ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG line into a place where other tabletop RPGs dare not tread.

Embrace The Left-Handed Path Of Main Gauche

Powered by ZWEIHÄNDER D100 game engine, with MAIN GAUCHE you will embroil your character in low fantasy & dark fantasy adventures, inspired by the world of Game of Thrones, The Witcher, Solomon Kane, Black Company, The Sacred Throne, Gentlemen Bastards and other Renaissance-styled, ‘grimdark’ inspired works. With a total of 186 unique Professions and over 300 spells across ZWEIHÄNDER and MAIN GAUCHE, you now have countless ways to create your own vision of grim characters ready to embark upon perilous adventures.

The Book Itself

MAIN GAUCHE is a tabletop RPG you’ll be proud to display on your gaming shelves, coming in at 360 pages in a 8.75 x 11.25 format.

What's Inside...

  • Use Alchemy & Wytch-Science
  • Learn Damning Covenant Magick
  • Build Your Own Monsters & NPCs On-The-Fly
  • Make Soul-Altering Pacts For Unfettered Power
  • Devote Yourself As A Occultist To Elder Daemons
  • Add 68 New Professions To Your ZWEIHÄNDER Game
  • Integrate Cinematic Vehicle-Based Combat Into Your Game
  • Build Fantastic Machines Like The Arkwright Cauldron & Rumblebutler

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