Ascension: Filigree 5e

World of Game Design

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The largest and most profitable city to grace Ostwen.

Overseen by the draconic high lords. 

Welcome to Filigree.

This third book is an urban adventure that begins with one of the characters having received a mysterious summons from the Locksmith - an individual of near legendary status within the city of Filigree. What follows is a twisting tale of liberation, desperation, and betrayal. The party will have to maneuver through a web of intrigue in a last-ditch attempt at halting a cataclysmic event within the pantheon!

Filigree continues our initiative to tell unique stories with interesting mechanics and plot points. Though this remains a tightly-told adventure, there's several branches to the story which allow for a variety of outcomes. Heck, there's even a sidebar about PvP. Now you know we're serious.

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