Mayan Epics: Twin Gods Apocalypse Sourcebook

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Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 224
Print Type: Full Color

Strife between the twin god-kings threatens to rip the region of Taloc Mayan apart.  The gods have added an ultimatum: cease this conflict or suffer their wrath.  Their doomsayers and final judges have been raised, summoned from the Underworld to communicate the coming apocalypse and to pass judgement on the living.

Create a party of these divine avatars and put a stop to the arrogance and evil that is threatening to destroy the land.

The Mayan Epics: Twin Gods' Apocalypse source book offers a complete setting heavily inspired by Mesoamerican history and mythologies and includes everything a gamemaster needs to tell countless stories of heroism and adventure.


  • Five adventures in one synchronized adventure path
  • Original calendar system that offers day to day mechanical variations for your players
  • Over 40 new creatures, characters and monsters
  • New magic systems including bundle magic and stela magic
  • Story arcs that feed on player decisions from earlier modules

Now compatible with your favorite game system including 5e, Evolutionary, and many other systems with our exclusive AnySystem mobile app.

The branches of the World Tree weave infinitely up into the heavens, while its roots burrow deep below into the many hells.  Balanced in the center on the Cross of Existence is where the mortal world thrives and strives.  This sourcebook centers on a particular moment of time when the Twin Gods finally confront each other and the scales are tipped.  Heaving armies into the underworld to rage against each other, the up world convulses as well, driven by jealousies, envies, and a murderous rage between two societies lost in endless conflict.

This series of five adventures each feed on your player's choices to determine the ultimate apocalyptic conclusion.  Your party emerges innocently from a Cenote in the Forgotten Solar Temple.  Then they proceed to the Wrath Against the Aether Drill, the Blood Within the Sunken Jaguar, and the SkyScry Conceit.  These adventures lead to the ultimate conclusion in the Twin Gods' Apocalypse to finish up the campaign where the future of the Mayan Epics world setting will be decided.

Add accessories including terrain, minis, dice, maps and our exclusive mechanic, the Day-Sign Gear Calendar that adds a unique mechanic to your RPG campaign.

Includes the digital PDF for your convenience.

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