Rock & Roll Volume 1 Issue 2

Critical Lit Publishing

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Book Type: PDF or Softcover (includes PDF)

Page Count: 50

Print Type: Black and White

Adventures for the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game inspired by Your Favorite Records!

Volume 1, Issue 2 of a quarterly zine featuring 5e one-shots that take their cues from some of our contributors' favorite albums. In time for Halloween, this one's got a horror theme going on!

This issue contains:

  • “Hollow House,” inspired by Taylor Swift’s folklore, by Madd Nichol: Your party’s hired to exorcise the demons of an eerie, cursed house on the outskirts of town. Was the woman who lived there truly mad? Even if you find the truth, can your party survive? 
  • “Excitable Boy,” inspired by Warren Zevon’s Excitable Boy, by Andrew Bentley: Welcome to Acravez, a town beset by war, narcotics, and callous elite angling for supremacy in a land worn down by their own impotence. All you have to do is scour the town looking for a wealthy merchant’s drug-addled gadabout son. Pretty simple, if it weren’t for the headless bodyguards, careless necromancers, and werewolf spies skulking about.
  • “Hard Night at the Clink,” inspired by Nekrogoblikon’s Welcome to Bonkers, by Nate Bechtel: Spend a night working at the world’s most famous, most magical, and most chaotic monster bar. Untold riches await you if you can deal with lovelorn minotaurs, mold with the munchies, and the dreaded Happy Hour.
  • “The Fields of Heart and Thunder,” inspired by the Killers’ Imploding the Mirage, by Lucas Cosens-Hall: A vision in white, a terror from the skies above -- your party must help a weary traveler find his lost love in the most dangerous terrain imaginable. Many have traversed the path; few have made it through. What will prevail -- love? Grit? Or the fury of the elements? 
  • plus regular features: Bard College of the Month, Billbard Top 5, RP DJ, Clef’s Notes

Writers: Eric Garneau, Lucas Cosens-Hall, Ned parker, Madd Nichol, Andrew Bentley, Nate Bechtel, Will Hindmarch

Art by Alex Mitchell

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