Tales From the Dungeon #3

Skylar Simmons

  • $3.00

Book Type: PDF or Softcover (includes PDF)

Page Count: 28

Print Type: Black and White

Welcome to “Tales from the Dungeon #3". Each edition of Tales from the Dungeon is written around a central theme. The theme for this issue is Secrets. Inside you will find 28 pages filled with thief guilds, black market items, conspiracy theories, traps, tools, and other whispered secrets from the underground.

This issue features,

The Rings of Sinon

Tools and magical items for your everyday criminal

Guild information for five criminal organizations

Potent lootables

and more!

Tales from the Dungeon is a 5e compatible zine that is heavily inspired by gritty traditional art, classic fantasy movies, and mythology. We strive to fill each issue with unique, interesting ideas to use, and incredible art to inspire.


Writing and Design

Skylar Simmons

Christopher Rice

Alex Haas

Illustrations and Maps

Ilija Batinica

Nathan Britto

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