GrymWyrd Tales: The Lights of Winthrop Manor 5e

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Something calls to you from within the shuttered manor....

In the Month of the Spirits, on the 13th evening of Yagän, nine hapless individuals accept an invitation to dine at Winthrop Manor. The decision will haunt them for the rest of their lives, short as they might be. 

The Lights of Winthrop Manor is an immersive level-0, self-contained adventure experience for 5e. Inside you'll find everything you need to thoroughly terrorize your party and give your players a night that they'll not soon forget. At the base level, this includes:

  •  An introductory 1-shot, haunted house adventure 
  •  Detailed maps for a complex manor (digital)
  • (8) new dreadful monsters
  •  New horror-themed Backgrounds & Lineages
  • (9) pre-generated character sheets
  • Ambient music .mp3

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