Hunters in Death

GM Games

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Book Type: PDF or Softcover (includes PDF)

Page Count: 32

Print Type: Black and White

Hunters in Death is a hexcrawl designed for low level play using any "Old School Renaissance" compatible game system. As such, don't expect much by way of balance.  This sage advice was once overheard in a local watering hole in Hounds Head:  "A wiser fella than myself once said, sometimes you eat the bear....sometimes the bear, well, he eats you."

Hunters in Death is set in the Komor Forest. A place that's consumed civilizations and birthed abominations. Yet there is a single outpost, Hounds Head, that holds back the darkness. It's a beacon for adventurers. Silver and blood are promised. And delivered. Some adventurers return with sacks overflowing with coins and jewels, but most fertilize the forest with their blood.

Adventure is only a rumor away at the tavern, a trusting resident's plea for help, or by striking out into the forest to explore the many ancient ruins. There is no path to follow, no road less traveled. Forge your own path with steel and magic. Nature does not negotiate.

Written by Tim Shorts

Art by Jim Magnusson

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