Old School and Cool Vol. 2

Knight Owl Publishing

  • $20.00

Book Type: PDF or Softcover

Page Count: 40

Print Type: Black and White

Old School and Cool Vol 2 is a laser-focused setting/sourcebook/style guide for Old School Essentials. It's Mad Max and Planet of the Apes and Rifts but also compatible with Scourge of the Scorn Lords or other end-of-the-world settings.

 Inside this 'zine are 40 pages of skull-crushing old school awesomeness!

 New Sci-Fi Classes. Think you can survive a post-apoc hellscape? Maybe you can, if you play as one of our Mutant Apes, Mech Masters, or Wasteland Warriors.

Awesome Vehicles! Killer bikes, wasteland contraptions, Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams, modded hot-rods, spider-mechs, and more!

Psychic Combat Rules! The ultimate battle is a battle of the mind.

Vehicle Combat and Chase rules.

SF Equipment: All the Lasers and gas masks and vibro blades you'd hope for.

NPC generators to create thousands of appropriate characters on the fly.

A Mini-Adventure in the Far Future! Packed with surprises and a totally rad map!

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