Fernsby’s Museum of Outlandish Oddities

Fernsby’s Museum of Outlandish Oddities

Cheatin' Fair Games

  • $5.00

Book Type: Digital Only
Page Count: 11
Print Type: B&W

In this 5e murder mystery one-shot, the party is asked to help solve a closed-door murder in the local history museum. The adventure can be dropped into any 5e campaign. While the focus of this module is investigation, there are enough surprises and combat to keep your bloodthirsty players off of their phones.

The adventure is written for a party of 4 second-level characters, or a party of 1st level power gamers.   

This adventure is intended for use with dnd5e and requires the core books, or access to the 5e SRD. All creature stats are provided in the text. 

What you will receive:

  • An 8-page PDF adventure
  • A printable high resolution map of the museum
  • Cherished memories with friends around the gaming table*

*Cherished memories not guaranteed.


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