Gribble's Guide to the Academic Adventurer

World of Oranth

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Book Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 102
Print Type: Full Color

Curiosity killed the cat, they say. 

What they tend to forget is, satisfaction brought it back. In the world of Oranth, curiosity is key to expanding your horizons, exploring the world around you, and understanding the powers held within. It can lead you down dangerous paths rife with challenges, but it also leads to powerful spells, innate abilities, and a plethora of other unique gains for you to experience.

📚 Gribble's Guide to the Academic Adventurer introduces 7 new 5E subclasses focusing around different forms of research and understanding. From battle tactics to spiritual manipulation, from the obsessive machinations of weaponry to the mastery of the skies, this book shrouds itself in the theme of academia. However, it doesn’t stop at giving players options to customize their characters.... 

📜 The Academic Adventurer also offers unique guilds, orders, and schools to be discovered, utilized, an even joined by studious heroes. Each of these groups seek to achieve different core goals and ideals, and it's up to the players to decide which ones they align with and whether or not to join the cause. A table of quest hooks has been offered to inspire new stories for any of these groups.

Guilds, subclasses, spells, and more are waiting to be explored!

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