Journey to Beryl's Reach

Limitless Adventures

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Book Type: 81 Adventure and Encounter Cards with Game Manual
Print Type: Full Color

Journey to Beryl’s Reach (JBR) is a 5th Edition adventure path for five characters of 6th level. This three-adventure path requires no dungeon master (DM). The three adventures included in this product can run independently or as a connected arc.

The Three Adventures Included:

To Forge a New Path - The party is hired by the villlage of Oakvale to find a new path to the dwarven stronghold of Beryl’s Reach.

A Day at the Faire - The party arrives in the village of Shallowford at the height of the harvest festival.

The Mystery of Beryl’s Reach - The party arrives at the dwarven stronghold of Beryl’s Reach, only to find all of its inhabitants missing.

Each adventure comes with:

  • 2 nonrandom start/end encounter cards (6 total)
  • 5 combat encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 puzzle encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 roleplay encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 skill challenge cards (15 total)
  • 5 wild cards (15 total)

That's 81 encounter cards and a game manual detailing them.

Who are our DM-less adventures written for?

  • DMs who want a break, or who would like a turn as a PC
  • Groups without a DM
  • Groups that would have to cancel a session due to player and/or DM absence
  • Adventurous gamers who would like to try something new

How does this DM-less adventure work?

We've written a typical 5e adventure, but instead of publishing it in a book for one DM to read and run for their group, we've taken the encounters and placed them on cards. The group then divides those cards up among themselves and chooses the encounters that will make up the night's adventure. The encounters are divided into five categories: Combat, Puzzle, Roleplay, Skill Challenge, and Wildcard.

The players then take turns running their chosen encounters for the rest of the group, controlling their character as normal.

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