Knights of the Shadow Realm

World of Oranth

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Book Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 234
Print Type: Full Color

Conflict is growing on the outset of the kingdom of Kalorr but something far worse is happening inside the city walls. Reports of children going missing from the slums has started to spread. Many believe they are looking to join the conflict, other believe they have simply run away, but something far worse is at play here. Investigating the disappearance of a recently missing child finds a trail of clues that threads together a sinister plot. 

This isn't the only issue that plagues Oranthos. Adventurers with friends that have met an untimely death are starting to find resurrection magics no longer hold the strength they once did. Those that are coming back are now spouting tales of a menacing behemoth waiting in the world beyond. Tendrils of darkness wrap the souls of the recently departed, growing their numbers for something unknown. 

It now falls to the brave to navigate the feuding between nations and uncover clues to a greater threat that lurks beyond the veil of death.

Knights of the Shadow Realm is a full scale adventure taking characters from level 1 to level 20 in an epic quest stop the machinations of a power hungry demigod from overthrowing the Material Realm. This book contains a massive amount of content. It includes: 

  • An introduction to a new campaign setting in the world of Oranth.
  • Over 50 new monster stat blocks
  • 4 new races
  • 5 new sub classes
  • 8 new backgrounds
  • 7 pages of new spells and magic items
  • Fully illustrated maps for each encounter and region
  • Several custom art pieces 
  • and of course, the full adventure. 

For DM's looking to explore a new world and players looking to experience the full scale of tiered play, this book has something for everybody. I'm excited to share this work with you. Welcome to the world of Oranth! 

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