Nations & Cannons 5e

Flagbearer Games

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The year is 1776. The spark of revolution has ignited in the thirteen colonies, and the British army is on its way to smother it. While the Redcoats mass in Boston, the 2nd Continental Congress has just formed a provisional government. Without help, the Patriots will surely fall to the British forces. Join the fight for liberty in this Revolutionary campaign setting!

Well researched and vigorously play tested, Nations & Cannons products are 5e compatible and introduce many new mechanics for historical realism in the world's most popular roleplaying game. The Core Rules include everything you need to play 18th century adventures, set during the American Revolution and beyond! Inside this 116 page book you'll find:

  • Six new human Roles; variant traits for a diverse party without fantastical races.

  • Detailed history of Heritages, covering the people and cultures of colonial America.

  • The new Firebrand class, a rabble-rouser whose pen is as mighty as their sword!

  • Six subclass options, from the cunning Marksman to the duplicitous Turncoat.

  • New backgrounds like the Son of Liberty, and flintlock feats to customize your character.

  • 65 new items, from provisions and poisons to dueling pistols and pennsylvania rifles.

  • All-new rules for ordnance and working together as an Artillery crew to bombard your enemies.

  • A Wargear system to customize your loadout, and bring multiple firearms into battle!

  • Rules to replace spellcasting with clever tricks called Gambits, including 35 unique effects.

  • A roster of 25 Enemies, including soldiers, artillery pieces, cavalry, and wild beasts.

  • Comprehensive GM Tips for running tactical, lightning-fast encounters with large groups of soldiers.

  • The Invasion of Canada, an introductory module covering the Patriots' first major offensive in 1775!

  • A section on Inclement Weather detailing climate hazards and their effects on firearms.

  • An historical Map of North America labeled with 40 locations from the Thirteen Colonies and beyond.

The stories covered in this book include diverse perspectives and a cast of unconventional heroes, who fought on and off the battlefield for liberty, equality, justice, and vengeance. Build your character, declare your allegiance, and explore the conflict that created a nation, all while immersed in the legends and history of the American Revolution.

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