Nations & Cannons: Misfire Deck

Flagbearer Games

  • $25.00

This card deck has everything you need to bring firearms and artillery from Nations & Cannons™ to your historical or flintlock fantasy 5e game. Inside, you'll find over over a hundred new misfire effects for black powder weapons, making critical fumbles at your table more dynamic... and unpredictable!

Ranging from minor inconveniences to catastrophic explosions, this deck explores exciting new weapon properties from matchlock arquebuses, revolvers and pepper-boxes, lever-action rifles of the Old West, and everything in-between. Every card features either a first-hand account, lines of verse, or famous (or infamous!) quotes from 18th and 19th century figures. This deck contains 55 embossed poker-sized cards, stored in a wraparound tuckbox:

  • 24 unique Small Arms cards, for firearms like pistols and muskets

  • 16 unique Artillery cards, from cannons to mortars

  • 14 unique Grenade cards for heavy iron explosives

  • 1 key card explaining new misfire mechanics

The linked PDF includes full 5e-compatible rules for firearms, grenades, artillery, and wargear from the Nations & Cannons campaign setting, making this the most comprehensive black powder ruleset available. This companion PDF consists of two parts: our well-received rules with new items, feats, enemies, etc. for use in your campaign; plus exclusive playtest content and experimental mechanics, updated periodically with new iterations.

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