Pirate Bundle 5e

Limitless Adventures

  • $15.00

Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 68
Print Type: Sepia

A pirate town, a ship, sea/coastal encounters, and a treasure map - Jump in your new ship, the Fortune's Cutlass, and sail off for days worth of adventure in our first Bundle! (69 pages). 

Each product has Further Adventure™ hooks to aid in writing follow up quests, and an exclusive spell, monster, item, god, or optional rule that is previously unpublished. 

This product is a bundle containing the following products:

  • Sea Encounters (10 encounters)
  • Coast Encounters (10 encounters)
  • Flotsam (floating pirate town, 10 locations)
  • Fortune's Cutlass (detailed sailing ship and crew, 10 locations)
  • Pirate Treasure Map (a side quest with new monsters) 

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