Player's Guide to Oranth 5e

Player's Guide to Oranth 5e

World of Oranth

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Book Type: Softcover
Page Count: 48
Print Type: Full Color

The Player's Guide to Oranth is an introductory supplement meant to be used by players who are beginning their exploration of the wrold of Oranth. This supplement can be used alongside the epic levels 1-20 adventure Knights of the Shadow Realm without spoiling any of the content held within the adventure. 

For players, this gives new custom races, subclasses, backgrounds, magic items, and spells that can be used when diving into this new campaign. It also gives a brief history of the cities that take prominence during the Knights of the Shadow Realm adventure.

For GMs and DMs, it gives players new options to help them become more invested in the story you are running for them. With these options, your players can now feel like their characters tie into the adventure in a deeper way making the stakes feel even higher as they explore the world you lay out for them. 

This supplement contains the following:

  • 4 custom races
  • 5 custom subclasses
  • 8 custom backgrouds
  • 9 new spells
  • 43 custom magic items
  • A campaign setting containing general history of the world and the four cities in the Knights of the Shadow Realm adventure.

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