Return to Renwald Castle

Return to Renwald Castle

Cheatin' Fair Games

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Book Type: Digital Only
Page Count: 15
Print Type: B&W

A 5th edition adventure for 4-6 character for of 8th level that can be dropped into virtually any game world. 

There is a castle of minor tactical important that was held by the Renwald family. The castle guarded a large valley from armies to the north. One night the castle was attacked by an army of orcs and fell after a short siege. Now, years later, the party is hired by the venerable Baron Renwald to scout out the castle to see if it can be reclaimed. 

The PDF contains:

  • 12 pages of content (approximately 20 encounters) 
  • 3 high resolution maps by Seth Tomlinson (Blades and Blasters)
  • 2 new 5e monsters
  • Original Cover Artwork by Cameron Suter 


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