Rock & Roll Volume 1 Issue 1

Critical Lit Publishing

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Book Type: PDF or Softcover (includes PDF)

Page Count: 50

Print Type: Black and White

Adventures for the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game inspired by Your Favorite Records!

Volume 1, Issue 1 of a quarterly zine featuring 5e one-shots that take their cues from some of our contributors' favorite albums. 

This issue contains:

  • "Carly Fey Jepsen," inspired by Carly Rae Jepsen's Emotion, by Lindsay Eanet: During a revelrous summer feast, a well-meaning bard accidentally conjures an enchanted melody that makes everyone in attendance the most earnest and emotive versions of themselves possible. Oops! Aghast, the bard retreats into the Fey, where your party follows, attempting to unravel the mystery of the magical melody that let everyone's emotions run away with them.
  •  "The Comatorium," inspired by the Mars Volta's De-Loused in the Comatorium, by Logan Dean: You find yourself on a plane created in the mind of a powerful sorcerer for reasons even they don't understand. This sorcerer is about to pass on, and now the denizens of this plane are fighting to keep them alive at all costs, including, sadly, your sanity. 
  •  "The Killer on the Coast," inspired by the Mountain Goats' Getting Into Knives, by Jackie Yang: When a rash of murders strike the seaside city of Isaris, a team of heroes are called in to investigate! Can your party uncover this devilish culprit before any more lives are taken? Or will they fall for the killer’s tricks without even seeing its true face?
  •  "The Broken Bride," inspired by Ludo's Broken Bride, by Xan Clark: A mourning cohort leads the rest of his party through an elegiac time-jumping adventure in an effort to bring back the person he holds most dear, but the universe has other plans. 
  •  "Catch the Rainbow," inspired by Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, by Eric Garneau: Suspended high above the land by magicks unknown, the magnificent Castle Blackmore stands as the sole remaining triumph of a civilization long past. But every Year of the Fox, for but one day, a luminous rainbow bridge appears to connect the lands below to the castle above. And so, a band of heroes sets off to ascend to the Castle before the day runs out. What secrets does Castle Blackmore hold?
Plus extras like a new Bard College of the Month, essays on using music in your campaigns, and more!

Writers: Lindsay Eanet, Logan Dean, Jackie Yang, Eric Garneau, Xan Clark, Will Hindmarch, Lucas Cosens-Hall, Ned Parker

Art by Alex Mitchell

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