Rock & Roll Volume 1 Issue 3

Critical Lit Publishing

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Book Type: PDF

Page Count: 50

Print Type: Black and White

Adventures for the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game inspired by Your Favorite Records!

Volume 1, Issue 3 of a quarterly zine featuring 5e one-shots that take their cues from some of our contributors' favorite albums. 

This issue contains:

  • "Never Give Up on the Good Times," inspired by the Spice Girls' Spiceworld, by Ned Parker: A new mayor has slowly turned the city of Gevmm into a drab, boring wasteland of zombies. Can you uncover the treasures of the five mayors/warriors past and once again spice up the lives of those who live there?
  • "The Vows (Or: Death Do We Part)," inspired by the Decemberists' The Crane Wife, by Will Hindmarch: A heartbroken woman pins her last hope on a rumor. Will our adventurers find her missing husband on a nameless isle and bring him home?
  • "Christmas Island," inspired by AJJ's Christmas Island, by Taylor Cody Beck: With only two hours left to stay afloat, our heroes must save as many denizens as they can from the wondrous and magical Christmas Island, where all is far from what it seems.
  • "The Danse Macabre," inspired by Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party, by Jon Cohn: Every night in the town of Fallview, the dead rise from their graves and shamble to the local tavern to dance the night away with their surviving friends and family. Everyone's having a killer time, but this kind of fun can't last forever, can it?
  • plus regular features: Bard College of the Month, Billbard Top 5, RP DJ, Clef’s Notes

Writers: Eric Garneau, Lucas Cosens-Hall, Ned Parker, Will Hindmarch, Cody Back, Jon Cohn

Art by Alex Mitchell

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