Rock & Roll Volume 1 Issue 4

Critical Lit Publishing

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Book Type: PDF

Page Count: 50

Print Type: Black and White

Adventures for the World's Greatest Roleplaying Game inspired by Your Favorite Records!

Volume 1, Issue 4 of a quarterly zine featuring 5e one-shots that take their cues from some of our contributors' favorite albums. 

This issue contains:

  • "Rain's a-Comin'," inspired by Creedence Clearwater Revival's Cosmo's Factory, by Grayson Davis: Life’s tough on the bayou, but it’s not without its pleasures. You and your friends do what good you can for your fellow man, and you’ve helped raise plenty of folks up no matter how low they’re beaten down by this world—or the no-good county watch, for that matter. And tonight you celebrate, taking a well-earned rest around a hot bonfire. Don’t get too comfortable, though. There might be one more favor you gotta do while the moon shines bright, before any storms start to break.
  • "Unraveling the Goodberrys," inspired by the Traveling Wilburys' Vol. 1, by Adam Dahlheim: A famous band of troubadours, bordering on urban legend, have run afoul of an old adversary and have come a bit unspooled. Is this the End of the Line?
  • "Welcome to My Parents' Keep," inspired by Ninja Sex Party's The Prophecy, by Rachel Holt: Intrigued by the offer of free food and revelry, you and your party attend the festivities of Lord Bang at his keep. During your wild night, a drunken wizard shares with you the Bang family's greatest secret, a prophecy regarding a sacred object known only as the Magic Crystal. As you search for this relic, you find that this is not Lord Bang’s keep but that of his parents, dark beings who wish to keep this rare object to themselves.
  • "From the Pinnacle to the Pit," inspired by Ghost's Prequelle, by T.H. Ravencroft: A great evil has awakened in the mountain of Helvetesfönster, and your party has been charged with stopping it at any cost. Curses, cults, rituals, and ghosts will haunt your every step. Are you up to the challenge?
  • plus regular features: Bard College of the Month, Billbard Top 5, and Clef’s Notes

Writers: Eric Garneau, Lucas Cosens-Hall, Ned parker, Grayson Davis, Adam Dahlheim, Rachel Holt, T.H. Ravencroft

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