Siege of Castle Montkelian - A Heavy Cut IV

World of Game Design

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A massive siege battle as forces of good and evil vie for control of the artifact pieces the characters previously hunted.

The sounds of alarm ring out through the city of Montkelian. The cult worshiping Cha'khurlau the Nightfather, an elder vampire, has assembled an army of undead to take the artifact pieces by force. Now these sinister forces seek to storm the battlements of the castle, and a handful of defenders are all that stands between the inhabitants of the fortress and a tsunami of undeath. Little time is left to prepare for the unholy siege. With the city’s forces spread thin, the castle commander Ahzruzahr the Red Star of Mourning once again calls upon the characters to ensure their aid.

This adventure is the fourth and final part of the adventure series “A Heavy Cut”.

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