Smuggle Trouble - A Heavy Cut II

World of Game Design

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Extract an informant from a smuggler’s hideout that is overrun by wild magic and weirdness.

The city of Montkelian houses as many righteous folk as thugs, and worse, dwell in the shady alleyways and dangerous neighborhoods. Lots of those criminals band together in the thieves’ guild Mavroki, which stretches its influence prominently throughout the lower and middle classes. Like a festering shadow, they established many hidden bases throughout the town.

While Mavroki is involved in countless small illegal activities, one of its most lucrative ones is centered around the smuggling of rare or outlawed goods. To understand the breadth and structure of that activity, an associate of the characters planted one of their own subordinates as a spy among its ranks. To the associate’s distress, they haven’t received any new report for several days, which is highly unusual. This is where the characters become involved. Fearing the worst, the associate asks the characters to find and retrieve their agent.

This adventure is the second part of the adventure series “A Heavy Cut”.


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