Tales From the Dungeon #2

Skylar Simmons

  • $3.00

Book Type: PDF or Softcover (includes PDF)

Page Count: 28

Print Type: Black and White

Tales from the Dungeon is a fanzine compatible with the world’s most popular table-top RPG.  Each issue is focused on a central theme and contains information on new magic items, NPCs, locations, plot hooks, and optional rules. The theme of this issue is Psychedelic and as such has rules for magic pipes, interesting herbs, new gods & goddesses, and more.

This issue features,

  • Magic pipes and tobacco
  • Magic herbs
  • Gods and Goddesses
  • Everblossom, the tranquil grove. 


Writing and Design

 Skylar Simmons 

Christopher Rice 

Emily Rice 


Andrzej Rybus

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