Tales From the Dungeon #7

Tales From the Dungeon #7

Skylar Simmons

  • $3.00

Welcome to “Tales from the Dungeon #7". Each edition of Tales from the Dungeon is written around a central theme. The theme for this issue is Weird Magic! Inside you will find 28+ A5-sized pages filled with the weirdest magic, spells, items, and NPCs to add to your adventures. 

This issue includes,

  • Beard Magic - Beard styles for optimal spell slinging
  • Gonzo Spell Generator - Enhance and empower your spells,  but at a cost!
  • The Black Books - A collection of forbidden tomes and knowledge. 
  • Max Mavens Marvelous Millinery - A fantastical magical hat shop
  • Dungeons Comics #7 - Issue #7 of our fantasy web comic
  • and more!

Tales from the Dungeon is a 5e compatible zine that is heavily inspired by gritty RPG art, classic sword and sorcery films, and fantastical mythology! We strive to fill each issue with unique and awesome ideas and art to inspire your RPG adventures!

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