The Secret of Warwick Village

The Secret of Warwick Village

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Book Type: Digital Only
Page Count: 13
Print Type: B&W

The Secrets of Warwick Village is a 5e setting for characters levels 1-5.

The village and the surrounding area provide enough material to take a party of 1st level characters through the first tier of gameplay. 

 Warwick Village PDF contains:

  • 20 Locations
  • 30 Non-Player Characters
  • 25 Quest Hooks
  • 4 New 5e monsters
  • 2 high-res maps as seperate files of online use or printing

Further Details:

“Twenty years ago, a young drow woman was burned at the stake by scared villagers. With her dying breath she cried out to the Spider Queen to curse the people of Warwick Village. The result of that curse was horrible, savage, and unthinkable…”

This is not a traditional adventure; it is a detailed village with a dark history. Each location in and around the village contains a description, non-player characters, a listing of all treasure to be found there, and an adventure hook. There are also stats for four new 5e monsters your players have never seen before.


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