They Came at Night

They Came at Night

Cheatin' Fair Games

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Book Type: Digital Only
Page Count: 21
Print Type: B&W

They Came at Night is a twist on the classic medieval fantasy adventure. The party and several dozen townsfolk are abducted in their sleep by aliens. The aliens intend to take the characters back to their home world (for reasons which are revealed during the adventure), but their ship crashes on a harsh, uncharted planet. The players must draw on all their skill and cunning to guide their characters through a world unlike any they've seen before. Limited resources and unforgiving surroundings make for a unique challenge. Worst of all, the players are cut off entirely from their gods. 

The Came at Night is a hex crawl on an alien planet. The main story line is bolstered by strange random encounters and side quests from the other survivors. 

They Came at Night Includes:

  • Dozens of 5e encounters
  • Sci-fi items and gear
  • New 5e monsters
  • Printable hex map for the players to chart their exploration

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