Valbrik's Silver Ring

Limitless Adventures

  • $35.00

Book Type: 81 Adventure and Encounter Cards with Game Manual
Print Type: Full Color

Valbrik’s Silver Ring (VSR) is a 5th Edition adventure path for four-six characters of 8th level. This three-adventure path requires no dungeon master (DM).  The players choose and run the encounters for each quest. VSR also contains 19 alchemy item cards that players can collect and combine to create various potions.  The three adventures included in this product can run independently or as a connected arc.

The Three Adventures Included:

An Unexpected Invitation - A chance meeting on the road leads to an invitation to a very strange wedding.

Through the Fire - The party must trek across a burning plane to rescue a hapless sage on his wedding day.

Ruin’s Anvil - The party arrives at the foot of demon lord’s mountain and must battle their way to the summit to rescue the groom and find a way home.

Each adventure comes with:

  • 2 nonrandom start/end encounter cards (6 total)
  • 5 combat encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 puzzle encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 roleplay encounter cards (15 total)
  • 5 skill challenge cards (15 total)
  • 5 wild cards (15 total)

That's 81 encounter cards and a game manual detailing them.

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