Vault of Stories - A Heavy Cut Part III

World of Game Design

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Book Type: PDF Only
Page Count: 21
Print Type: Full Color

Becoming trapped in an ancient vault. Will the characters be able to escape the forever repeating loop?

Rumors circulate the city of Montkelian. The lesser noble Richare Dalkess has been found dead but, strangely, nothing of value was taken from his mansion. When contacted by the guards about this incident, the characters learn that their previous missions involved them in a scheme far greater than they could imagine! An evil cult is trying to gather lost artifact pieces to reassemble.

It is now on the characters to assist the guards to procure two of the remaining pieces before they fall into the hands of the cult. For that, they set out to a hidden vault below the city and break its ancient seal.

This adventure is the third part of the adventure series “A Heavy Cut”.

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