Ylera Valley

Ylera Valley

Limitless Adventures

  • $33.00

The Ylera Valley campaign setting takes player characters from first through fifth level in an open sandbox. Certain locations have adventures that progress the overall story as the party battles Ventru's forces. The adventures and encounters are mix of combat, roleplay, puzzles, traps, and skill challenges that allow the party to explore and discover the secrets of the valley beyond just following the main quest line. This also gives the DM flexibility on campaign length.

The Secrets of the Ylera Valley will contain:

  • Dozens of encounters (combat, RP, Puzzles, Traps, and Skill Challenges)
  • Stunning original cover by David Auden Nash (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, MtG)
  • Ten New 5e Monsters including an epic cosmic threat
  • Intricate Maps by Seth Tomlinson (Blades & Blasters)
  • Visual flashback handouts - comic strips that can be printed and shared with PCs

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