Blackmore: A Rock & Roll Adventure Module

Critical Lit Publishing

  • $8.00

Book Type: PDF

Page Count: 44

Print Type: Black and White

The earliest TTRPG adventures collide with the earliest power metal in high fantasy rock and roll adventures for 5e and OSE! Inspired by the first three records from Richie Blackmore's Rainbow, this black and white zine, fully illustrated by the incredible Steve Winchell, includes the following three connected adventures:

  • "Catch the Rainbow": Suspended high above the land by magicks unknown, the magnificent Castle Blackmore stands as the sole remaining triumph of a civilization long past. But every Year of the Fox, for but one day, a luminous rainbow bridge appears to connect the lands below to the castle above. What treasures does Castle Blackmore hold? (already published in a prior zine, but newly illustrated, re-edited, and updated for OSE)
  • "Stargazer": An encounter with a fortune teller jogs your foggy memories of visiting a magical place of power. Before you can hope to find your way back, you'll have to contend with an enigmatic enemy and unlock the secrets held by the night sky -- and within yourself.
  • "L.A. Connection": Strangers in the strangest land of all! Powerless and alone in a world seemingly without magic, your party must enter the Gates of Babylon at all costs, and discover the truth behind this bizarre L.A. connection.

Written by Eric Garneau

Art by Steve Winchell

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